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aHEU advises and supports SME in the food sector in marketing their products.


aHEU …
... knows the needs of both small and larger companies.
... works creatively and reliably.
... is an independent company.
... knows the ins and outs of the market.
... has a large network of contacts.
... communicates complex topics comprehensibly.


aHEU counts various services within its portfolio:

  1. Strategic advising in developing new business areas, marketing concepts and re-orienting sales: business field, branding, positioning, campaigns, social media, events, sales/purchasing channels, cooperations & partnerships
  2. Projects: Extensive cooperation, e.g. for establishing new business areas or workflow structures in companies, as well as research contracts
  3. Talks: Speaking & conveying lectures, advanced trainings, especially in the fields concerning the above topics
  4. Moderations: professional events on-site, hybrid and online


aHEU - Portrait of Heike Zeller

aHEU is owned by Heike Zeller.

Heike stems from the Allgäu, the southern Region of Bavaria known for its beautiful mountain terrain and agriculture. As a dairywoman and cheese sommelier, she has practical knowledge of agriculture and food production, in addition to commercial knowledge of marketing and the value chain from working in the regional purchasing department of a retailer. Heike has university degrees in business administration (BA) and Sociology (Univ. Diploma), giving her a theoretical background ensuring that you can know your projects in good hands.

aHEU can draw from a flexible team of graphic designers, web developers, UX / UI designers and tecchies from other fields, depending on the project. In terms of sales, aHEU can rely on a broad network of agriculture, food manufacturers, medium-sized businesses, retail, gastronomy, public institutions and media contacts.

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aHEU – Regionale Vermarktungsstrategien
Heike Zeller

Schleißheimer Str. 229b
D-80809 München
Telephone: +49 172 364 86 09
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